<%@LANGUAGE="JAVASCRIPT" CODEPAGE="65001"%> View Patron Records

Viewing your patron record:
1. Click the link to the Minerva Catalog from the Library's home page.
2. From there, click "Patron Record."
3. In the first field, type your name: First and Last as it appears on your Norway Memorial
Library card.
4. In the second field, type NOR and the complete five digit bar code number from your
Norway Memorial Library card, click "Submit".
5. Here you should see your name, current address, and telephone number. If these are not
correct, please notify the library the next time you come in or call 743-5309. You should
also see the expiration date of your library card, the number of items you have checked
out, the number of items for which you have holds placed, and any fines owed.

Renewing an item:
1. Click on the link to the number of items "currently checked out."
2. The items checked out on your card will appear.
3. If all items are to be renewed, select "Renew All."
4. If only selected items are to be renewed, click in the box to the left of the title. When
check marks appear beside all the items you wish to renew, click "Renew Selected
5. New due date will show in the "Status" area.
6. If an item has been requested by another patron, you will not be able to renew that item.
The library has a renewal limit of one renewal for each item, so if an item has been
renewed once, it cannot be renewed again. Also, videos cannot be renewed. If you have
fines, items may not renew or may not renew for a full three weeks.

Important notes:
Please be aware that items can still be renewed over the telephone by calling the library at
743-5309, or you may renew items while in the library. Also, official records for library users
can only be accessed by the library. These are the records with which the library maintains its
accountability. It is from these official records that the library will determine the status of an
item. The library is unable to be responsible for items that may not be correctly renewed using
this remote renewal procedure