Who are the Friends?

The Friends of the Norway Memorial Library is a group of volunteers who are committed to making the library a center of our community life. Working in partnership with the Board of Trustees and the library staff, the Friends supports a broad range of social and educational opportunities intended to promote a spirit of lifelong learning.

Through membership fees and fundraising efforts the Friends contributes financial support to the library, which provides additional library resources and enhances library services. The Friends assist with library programs and activities. In these ways, the Friends supports the library’s purpose of providing accurate information, up-to-date resources, personalized services, and reading materials for people of all ages.

What do the Friends do?

Each year Friends memberships assist with the following materials and services for our community:


Board Members

Patricia Jillson
Mary Lou St. John
Treasurer/ Book Sale:
Ann Siekman
Friend's Events:
Rosemarie Dulberg
Sherri Otterson
Linda Poto
Jan Ward
Library Director:
Beth Kane